We’ve put our heart and soul into creating the best living experience possible for international / foreign students studying or doing their internship in Singapore. Working with partners who care about their students’ holistic development is key to us. Our commitment to nurturing students through our programme and community-focused living are instrumental in boosting your student recruitment and retention rates.

Homestead Halls Introduction

Some information to get you started:

How is Homestead Halls different from other student hostels?

Unlike traditional hostels, Homestead Halls follows a co-living model, where apart from providing small but smart and beautiful sleeping spaces, we’ve made it possible for students to build a close-knit community through interaction within the communal spaces and active participation in the hall activities we’ve specially designed for them.

How are the rooms configured at Homestead Halls?

Our rooms provide different levels of privacy and personal storage space:

Single – loft bed with study space
Twin Standard – double-decker bunk beds
Twin Premium – two loft beds with study space
Quad Premium – four loft beds with study space
Shared – double-decker bunk beds in smartly segregated open space

Do note that for better ventilation, the walls of some rooms are not full-height. As a result, some noise may travel between rooms.

Why is staying at Homestead Halls better than renting private apartments/condos?

Our residents choose Homestead Halls over a private apartment/condo because of our vibrant community and beautiful spaces that come with hassle-free services.

Apart from finding like-minded friends and enjoying a full range of conveniences to help them settle down quickly, our residents also appreciate the greater financial, emotional and physical security that we bring.
Our transparent prices and policies mean that students know what they’ll be paying for as well as the terms surrounding the return of their security deposit. Unfortunately, a lot of private landlords default on their promise to return security deposits after the foreign student leaves the country. With Homestead Halls, students can rest assured that this will never be the case. The experience for students leaving their home country to live abroad for the first time can be very daunting and emotional (as we’ve witnessed on many occasions). Moreover, finding housemates and people you can trust add on to the challenge of setting up home in a foreign country. At Homestead Halls, we make it easy for students to get acquainted with their fellow schoolmates or countrymen, giving them the emotional stability they need to embark on their new adventure. Staying alone or with a handful of housemates does not afford the same level of security as a community like Homestead Halls does. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is surrounded by a caring community, well-trained staff, 24/7 secure access and surveillance cameras as well as clear points of contact for emergencies.

Who is best suited to stay at Homestead Halls?

Homestead Halls caters best to international / foreign students between 18 to 24 years old coming to Singapore and staying for at least 1 school term.

Students who are independent, open-minded, sociable, enjoy being part of a community and learning about other cultures tend to make up the general profile of our residents.

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